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The formation of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Union FlagThe United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has been formed over time by informal acceptance, through 'Acts of Union' with Scotland and Ireland, and one treaty with the Irish Free State.

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More about the forming the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

England joining with ScotlandWales had already been generally long accepted as an integral part of the Kingdom of England when the Act of Union 1707 unified the two Kingdoms of England and Scotland into a single entity with the agreed name of the Kindom of Great Britain.

GB joining with IrelandIt was then with the Act of Union 1800 that the personal union that Ireland had enjoyed with England since 1541, when Ireland procraimed Henry VIII to be King of Ireland as well as King of England, was formalised and the two Kingdoms joined and became the United Kingom of Great Britain and Ireland.

Irish Free State splitting from UKMost recently, it was in 1922 with the sesession of Irish Free State and the signing of the Anglo Irish Treaty that the final change to the political landscape of the United Kingom occurred; and when it finally became the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland that we know today.

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